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[linrad] Linrad

Hi all,

Yesterday a friend of mine helped me to install Linux Redhat (V9) and
Redhat Linux version 9 is really rather simple to install and I can really
recommand it!

So from now on I will be QRV with my DC-receiver, using ATF33143 frontend
(+7 dBm IIP3, Nf 0.5 dB), ADE-12MH mixers  followed by J310's in I and Q
path with feedbackloop, in conjuction with Linrad.
As yet I use a SB-live 512 soundcard, so "only" 24 kHz can be observed in
one glance..

See you on EME, skeds are most wellcome.

73, Dick/PA2DWH

Home made SSB/CW transceiver with DDS
DC-receiver and Linrad/Linux Redhat V9
GS-35b PA, RX1AS design, 1.5 kW
Single 32JXX2, with limited window (250-330 deg azimuth at 10-35 deg
Single 10 element OZ5HF, fixed 4 deg elevation, full azimuth

Homepage: www.qsl.net/pa2dwh