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RE: [linrad] Unexpected behavior from Linrad 1.00

Hi All,

> Roger's  mention of 1.00 reminded me of some unexpected behavior I saw in
> 1.00.  I built mine and fired it up, but when I clicked in the wide
> spectrum display to set my "local oscillator" frequency I did not get the
> expected recieve signal in my headphones.  If I fooled around with the
> bandwidth control int he baseband window, I could get it intermittently.
> Linrad 00-51 works fine.

I have found several errors in Linrad01-00. If the fft1 size is small
the timing will become incorrect, help texts do not work under
some circumstances and some other things I no longer remember.

I am writing #5 in the QEX series of articles and I have added a new
parameter "Sellim maxlevel" to allow a different compromise between
maximum pulse power that can be handeled and the compression of strong
signals. (For EME it is useless, that is how it was optimised already)

The 01-01 version will also be a "test release".


Leif / SM5BSZ