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Re: [linrad] linrad installation problem

     HI Chris,

     Not willing to speak for Henk, I will just speak for myself
     Your suggestions are like, what shall I say, Finnish or Rumanian
     Henk, I am sure, has never heard about "a _binary_image of gcc"
     Nor does he really understand, most likely, what you mean by
     "compiling the source code for gcc" If he goes that route
     He might just say. OK I get a DSPBlaster pay Brian his 75 
     dollars and get a regular old fashioned 8 bit sound card. 
     Ready done!
     I am sure you have done Linux for a long time, probably from
     the beginning. You probably do not care for Mandrake either.
     Not sure about that but you clearly know Linux and I get the 
     impression that Mandrake is not for real linux users! 
     I have installed "Development tools" in Mandrake from the 
     first time I installed it, did not experience any problems in 
     using Leif's instructions, ran through it just fine, no errors
     but the sound card does not communicate properly with Linrad.  
     Now who expects the source and headers not to be installed!
     Answer the Mandrake people. They did the installation 
     routine. I seriously question whether RH is really any better
     in this respect.
     You have to forgive me I have walked through many of those
     Linux related Q/A's and messages on I do not know how many 
     linux boards and you see most of the times no answers or the 
     type of answer you give to Henk.
     Why do we not try to come up with directions let's say for
     what makes a compiler complete. There might be even
     test sample source code that let you check whether a compiler
     is a complete operational compiler!!
     To do this might probably is a major job, so perhaps it can be
     done for a popular distribution. 
     What makes a complete installed Kernel for what we are doing
     in Linrad, run old SVGA stuff, fool aroud with sound card stuff
     in particular ALSA as this is going to be part of next linux 
     versions and compile Linrad.

     Or even better explain how to deal with one of those running 
     screens when doing a ./configure or make or make depend or make
     install make all. How to edit make files etc. etc. How to use a 
     modprobe to install modules how to remove modules, How to 
     handle old version left overs etc etc.
     Users or potential users of this software should not have to 
     spend hours studying a big mass, fine for the Linux lovers
     but not for your average amateur who is interested to make
     QSO's not in development of linux software or becoming a C/C++
     Anyway I am trying to get something started here that will make
     this Linrad software usable for people, myself included.
     not to make enemies or generate bad feelings.
     73 Rein

Chris Albertson wrote:
> Which Linux distribution are you trying to make work?
> If it's RedHat you need to select "development tools" to
> have the gcc compiler installed.
> In any case you want a __binary__ image of gcc.  If you
> go and get the source code for gcc you will have to compile
> it.  For that you'd need a compiler and quite a few other tools
> A kind of circular
> logic, chicken and egg type thing.  You want a compiler
> that is already compiled to get the process started.
> Or simply select al the software you need when you do the
> basic install from CD.
> --- Henk <j.h.devries@xxxxxx> wrote:
> > Hi Rien,
> >
> > Arie pointed in the right direction. Indeed the gcc is missing.
> > Nice to know that installations are not complete....
> >
> > I downloaded a gcc and tried the installation. It asks for a cc
> > (another
> > compiler!) in order to install the compiler!?.
> >
> > This incomplete Linux stuff is driving me crazy!!
> >
> > I will have to find a "Linux-nerd"  to help me, because this is
> > getting me
> > nowhere..
> >
> > 73 Henk
> >
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> >
> >
> > >
> > >
> > >    Hello Henk,
> > >
> > >    That is all Linux!. If you compile, the compiler needs and is
> > >    using files which are located in all sorts of directories all
> > >    over your hard drive. These locations vary form one distribution
> > >    and possible version to another. Is is a big pain and you
> > >    may see one user compiling without any problems and a few lines
> > >    while another experiences all kinds of files missing in the
> > >    process. I guess the point is to get all needed files located
> > >    in the right directories.
> > >    I hope this keeps you from throwing the computer in the corner.
> > >    You are not the first person experiencing this, believe me.
> > >
> > >    I had Leifs installation processing running the first time I did
> > >    it without any problems but my sound card input does not get
> > >    disconnected from its output so much for that. I have been
> > >    fighting this problem now for weeks and nobody else seems
> > >    to have this problem. Though there are hundreds of questions
> > >    on the different linux reflectors about sounds in Linux!
> > >    BTW Arie provides excellent help.
> > >
> > >    73 Rein W6/PA0ZN
> >
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