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RE: linrad installation

Hi All,

> End of this week I will ( try to .. ) install Linux.
> I don't like this at all but I have to since I want to work with Linrad.
> Two questions :
> 1. Why is Linrad not Winrad ? ( Leif, what's your specific 
> reason for Linux ? I'm just curious, that's all... ).
I hate to work in a graphical environment. I want to use simple commands,
it saves a lot of time. To some extent because my commanding the computer
is faster without the mouse, but more important because I do not make 
mistakes easily.

I made a system under MSDOS which was fine to work under, I had a set
of batch files a.bat, b.bat... for things i did often. The biggest problem
initially was the cost of the compiler, nobody wanted to pay $500 for a

Another thing, Windows environments I have seen others work with are too
complex for my limited skills. I need to work in an environment where nothing
is done unless I ask for it. Microsoft defaults for assembly programs may
make the compiler generate quite different code than one intended for example.
It is hard to to get into the "Microsoft style programming" if your habits
are from manipulating card decks!

The requirements are:
1) Sound card drivers (should be ok with Windows, better than with Linux)
2) Fast access to screen for setting a pixel (I do not know)
3) No system activities that may cause latency problems (In this respect Windows 
seems awful to me - but it may be because of my ignorance)
4) Low cost or free compilers.

If these things can be arranged I may try to make Linrad work under Windows
some day. 

> 2. Is Redhat 9 the easiest one indeed for the Linux dummies ( as me.. ) ?
>   If so, does it make any sense to buy the professional 
> edition ( ? 199 ) instead of the regular one ( ? 45 ) ?
>    Why or why not ?
I think the professional edition is more complicated, it contains more
stuff that you do not need.

The magic trick is to "install everything" - then you should have the
compilers and directories in place with any Linux distribution.
You will then have to install Linrad, perhaps svgalib and perhaps OSS.

I never tried Redhat 9, I use Mandrake 8.1 on one computer and Redhat 8.0 
on another. I also have the old Pentium 60MHz running Redhat 6.1

Best is if you can find someone who has a little Linux experience. Bring
your computer to him - or ask him to come to your place. Then ask him to
install his Linux distribution on your computer. If he is experienced
he will know what packages you need, but if he is somewhat uncertain, just
install everything.


Leif /  SM5BSZ