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RE: [linrad] RE: linrad installation problem

Hi all,

I can confirm that Redhat 9.0 was including all necessary files, except
svgalib and nasm. Those had to be downloaded.
Henk, if it remains troublesome I can ask the friend who installed my Linrad
to help you.

Best 73, Dick/PA2DWH

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Verzonden: woensdag 21 mei 2003 13:16
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Onderwerp: [linrad] RE: linrad installation problem

Hi Henk,

> Arie pointed in the right direction. Indeed the gcc is missing.
> Nice to know that installations are not complete....
> I downloaded a gcc and tried the installation. It asks for a cc (another
> compiler!) in order to install the compiler!?.
> This incomplete Linux stuff is driving me crazy!!
Are you sure RedHat 9 is incomplete? I find that very hard to believe!
Did you really install "everything" ?

For Redhat to remain a major Linux distributor they have to be
acceptable to the "Linux community" and I think excluding gcc
would be completely unacceptable!


Leif / SM5BSZ