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RE: [linrad] audio channels

Hi All,

>    You could however use 2 regular stereo cards for the front end and
>    an additional stereo card for audio output. The max sample freq of
> the
>    audio card and ADC resolution effect the max freq band you can
>    monitor and dynamic range etc. 
The reason for using a separate card for output when using the Delta44
for input is that the output speed would otherwise be 96kHz. Linrad is not
written for that..........

Most soundcards allow different speeds for input and output and then
you need only one card if you do not have a cross yagi. Using two  
cards simultaneously for input is not supported by linrad. There are
difficult synchronization problems that should be handeled by a device
driver that drives both cards.

>    There are 2 QEX ( ARRL ) papers and they are on the net. The papers
>    cover in great detail the different combinations. ( Not quite sure
>    whether it needs ARRL membership access ot not ) 

You can download from the Linrad home page:)