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Re: [linrad] audio channels

   Hi Peter,

   Roger, Leif and myself had some discussion about those cards some
   ago and from what I remember, those cards do not have the resolution
   of the Delta 44 card. although they are being advertised as 24 bit.
   I will try to locate Leif's exact arguments. 
   So you might want to look into that before you spend the the about
   100 dollars what they cost in the US .

   I really believe the best is to stay as close as possible to the 
   proven set-up as published to avoid problems.

   Let me make a point again in asking to list your set-up en
   on the Linrad data collection bank.
   73 Rein

Peter van Daalen wrote:
> Hi Edson,
> Did you happen to test ( one of ) the 96 KHz Creative ( Audigy and Audigy
> 2 ) ?
> I intend to buy one for Linrad purpose.
> 73, Peter PE1ECM
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> From: "Edson Pereira" <edson@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> To: <linrad@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> > For good performance, the soundcard should have very little distortion,
> > good balance between channels, very low crosstalk, very good dynamic
> > range, and also very low noise. It is not easy to find soundcards that
> > meets the criteria above. I have tested some not so cheap soundcards >
> > -- Edson, 7n4ncl