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Re: [linrad] audio channels

Dag Rein,

Thanks for your audio card remarks.
But I could't find the Delta44 card in Holland as yet.
I believe it isn't for sale in PA-land at all.
Fellow PA's and PE's, where did you buy this Delta card ?
Maybe elsewhere in EU ?
Someone who knows where, please inform me.

Yes Rein, as soon as I'll have something working I will have my set up list
into your Linrad archive.
However, as I stated before, it is only this weekend ( to be precise, I'll
begin right after this mail has been sent....)  that I will start installing
So, I have some adventures ahead....( I am told ).

BTW, on this Linrad list I asked a question about the possible sense of a
GPS locked HP OCXO local oscillator for the DC converter front end ( I am
building Brooks Shera's GPS locked frequency standard  ).
I asked about the possibilities of very small FFT bin bandwidth filtering
 for possible QRSSS  ).
I am talking about 144 MHz......, yes I know, but I still want to try.
Unfortunately, nobody responded.
So, I'm not sure as yet on this aspect of my set up.
Maybe, someone still has any thought on this ?

I will shortly return to the list to report on my installation adventures of
Linux and Linrad.

73, Peter PE1ECM

>From: "Rein A. Smit" <rein0zn@xxxxxxxxxxxxx

>    Hi Peter,
>    Roger, Leif and myself had some discussion about those cards some
> time
>    ago and from what I remember, those cards do not have the resolution
>    of the Delta 44 card. although they are being advertised as 24 bit.
>    I will try to locate Leif's exact arguments.
>    So you might want to look into that before you spend the the about
>    100 dollars what they cost in the US .
>    I really believe the best is to stay as close as possible to the
>    proven set-up as published to avoid problems.
>    Let me make a point again in asking to list your set-up en
> experiences
>    on the Linrad data collection bank.
>    73 Rein