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Re: [linrad] Getting going

Hi all,

  On my system bzip decompression is:

   >bzip2 -d filename
   then untar

   >tar -xvpf filename

   this puts linrad in its own directory ready to compile

   OR more simply

   >tar -jxvpf filename

   does the same thing in one step

   warm regards,

On 8 Jun 2003, Sergio wrote:

> Hi Ron,
> at a shell prompt try to type:
> bz and then hit tab.
> if your machine can locate a file called b2zip then you are in business.
> You can either enter b2zip --help to get some help or simply:
> b2zip -dfv lir...   your lir..tbz file will be transformed into a tar
> file with same name (overwritten so keep the original in another place).
> With the tar file then you'll be able to decompress it as usual with
> tar xvf lir...  and you'll get the directory lir full with the linrad
> files.  Sorry I don't have the inspiron 8k.
> Cheers
> Sergio 
> Il dom, 2003-06-08 alle 03:06, W6WO ha scritto:
> > Greetings. I have just installed Mandrake 9.0 but have no experience 
> > with it so far. I  downloaded the latest LinRad but I can not find if 
> > and where the tool to decompress the file is located in the LINUX 
> > environment. Any suggestions would be welcome.
> > 
> > I am also using a Dell Inspiron 8000 laptop and would like to hear 
> > from others who have used it for LinRad.
> > 
> >