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Re: [linrad] 'garbage on screen'

Joe, found the problem! Fiddling around I could finally turn off the
graph lines.  It is in fact activated by the little 'o' on the hi-res
spectrum screen on  the very bottom right corner of it (of the window).
That was the one you were talking about Joe, I misunderstood in first
instance as I was still too convinced it was something I hit on the
keyboard...  I do not know how it could get activated by an involuntary 
punch on the keyboard but it did...  oh well as long as solutions are
found..  I'm a bad rookie...



Il ven, 2003-06-13 alle 17:23, Joseph B. Fitzgerald ha scritto:
> You have entered a debugging mode ... I am going from memory now as I am
> at work, but I think you turn it off by clicking the little "O" button in
> the second widget up from the bottom right.
> If that is not it, just put your mouse over different controls and hit the
> "F1" key .... that tells you what each one does. 
> You may need to restart the program once it is turned off to get
> "leftovers" off the screen.
> If you can't solve the problem, I will fool around with it a bit when I
> get home tonight.
> -Joe KM1P