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Re: [linrad] Buying the Linux PC for Linrad use.


   Sounds like this has a microatx motherboard.   I think that only one
serial port and one extra pci slot (you will use one for your sound
card) might be a problem down the road.   I have an older system in the
shack with a microatx motherboard and both pci slots are full and I
need another serial port for rig control and there is no place to put

   Make certain that the  mnotherboards video chip is supported by the
version on linux that you have and svgalib.   Otherwise you will end up
buying another video card and use up your last pci slot for that.   If
you plan on hooking up a modem you will have to get an external one,
they are rather cheap on ebay, and that will use up your one serial

Terry  KJ7F

> http://www.pcusa.com/
> Home Series: AMD Duron / Athlon / XP DDR System
> Home Series: AMD Duron / Athlon / XP DDR System Configurator : Standard
> with all ports : 1  serial, 1 printer, 2 USB Ports.
>   Current Price: $275
> AMD XP 1800+  1.53 ghz 266 fsb
> 266mhz fsb pc chips 810d sis730d w/video, audio, lan
> 256mb ddr / 266 MHZ ram
> Maxtor 20gb 7200 rpm
> 52x cd rom internal, IDE
> video 32mb max 3d svga share
> Specs are available on site.
> 73, Jim Shaffer, WB9UWA.