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[linrad] Buying the Linux PC for Linrad use.

Hi All,

Well I finally have a little spending money to buy my Linux PC.
I plan to use only Linux on this PC and its main use (only use?) will
be for Linrad. I am shopping at PC USA on line. The prices are generally
the most reasonable. I have hunted in vain for used PC's and have found
that the previous owners are all overly proud of their purchases, so I
have to go with a new one to get the best price.

I would like to avoid making mistakes, so I ask advice
from the group. The motherboard I am looking at has 2 PCI slots. Is this
sufficient? I will be using a Delta44 sound card and full 96Khz bandwidth in
Xpol mode. I will be wanting to choose a computer that will take me well
into the future in case Leif adds some CPU intensive routines. I am thinking
that a  1.53 GHZ speed AMD Athelon may be sufficient and 256mb ram.
PC USA allows selecting different options at various prices. I am looking at
the most basic AMD option. Before I order this PC, is there anything I should
be careful of or perhaps specify a different option? I am concerned that
I can not test the PC for RF emissions before I buy it. Perhaps there is a 
better case that I should select?


Home Series: AMD Duron / Athlon / XP DDR System 

Home Series: AMD Duron / Athlon / XP DDR System Configurator : Standard with all ports : 1 
serial, 1 printer, 2 USB Ports. 
  Current Price: $275 
AMD XP 1800+  1.53 ghz 266 fsb
266mhz fsb pc chips 810d sis730d w/video, audio, lan
256mb ddr / 266 MHZ ram
Maxtor 20gb 7200 rpm
52x cd rom internal, IDE
video 32mb max 3d svga share
Specs are available on site.

73, Jim Shaffer, WB9UWA.