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RE: [linrad] RE: Using Linrad as a Diversity Receiver?

HI, Leif!

Thanks for the explanations!

With a red face I must report that I discovered that my 'stereo' headphones are
functioning as mono headphones.  I discovered this by finding that ALL my audio
sources were mono when listened to with these headphones.  I have substituted an
identical [but functioning properly, as stereo] set of headphones and now all is
well.  The 'X+Y' function works as it should.

With the two different receivers with non phase or frequency locked LO's in the X+Y
mode I now do get some unusual aural effects that I assume are due to the constantly
varying phase relationship between the two receivers [as well as due to multipath;
but I also hear similar effects using a local 432 mHZ source].  I hear a 'beat note'
type of effect, much as when you bring two oscillators close in frequency and listen
to them together.  In X+Y this also seems to move about the soundstage some.  But
even so I think that Linrad is working well as a diversity receiver.

If I get time I will play with this a bit on HF, using a vertical on one channel and
a random length wire on the other.  Again, 2 receivers without phase locking, to

Thanks again, Leif!  This is yet another very interesting thing that Linrad can do.

And now to get those headphones to work in stereo mode ;)

Roger Rehr