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[linrad] Back again to linrad

Hello Linrad friends,

Many time without posting anything here, but I wanted to try something 
new and I uninstalled Mandrake 9.1 and 6.1and installed Debian Linux 
Woody 3.0  in my athlon 1200 MHz and my 486 DX2 66 MHz computers. I 
wanted a really free distribution and Debian was what I needed! (it 
makes me feel better..hi). A friend of mine with fast internet access, 
downloaded for me three installation disks full of software(there were 
more cdrom disks, but I let my friend free....hi.hi.) After some days of 
learning the "new" linux I have everything working again ( the X server, 
the winmodem (thanks to "linuxant" that makes drivers for conexant 
chips), tv-card and sound were a bit difficult to set up, but It was 
good for learn linux...hi) The debian package system is very good, I am 
really impressed.

I used  nasm and svgalib packages included in the disks, without 
especial dificulties.

I send this email to the list just to share my experience. It would be a 
great thing that a Linux guru could make a Linrad package with 
everything built in, to make it easy for the linux newbies.

Now I can start my tests with linrad, also I want to test the ALSA 
drivers, now I have the OSS/free modules included with the kernel.

I will tell you.

Ramiro, EA1ABZ.