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[linrad] Daydreaming

Hello the Net:

We have come a long way with DSP on a PC.

Progress on RX is significant with Leif's hardware offerings. After we 
get to a 2M IF, many other bands can be used
with other dual channel down converters with a common LO.

But, what direction are we going in, with the TX side ?

If the TX DSP signal is to be generated from a PC/Soundcard, we will 
have to up convert to the operating freq
and separately feed the linearly polarized V and H antennas.

With 2 separate TX channels, components will be 2 X as expensive as they 
are now.

I am trying to think of alternate approaches to get a polarization 
variable signal more suitable for EME or terrestrial comms,
without the expense of 2 separate TX systems, 1 for V and 1 for H.

Possibly if I could power divide the TX output into 2, one going 
directly to one antenna polarization and the
other split going to a electrically tuned phase shifter. The phase 
shifter being controlled by a PC/Soundcard.

What are others proposing to do for the most improved TX side  ??

What would be the result of feeding a RHCP and a LHCP signal from a 
septum feed to the 2 RX channels  
and down converters for use with  LINRAD  ??

Stan, WA1ECF