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Re: [linrad] Real Linux Users

I have played around with Mandrake distributions, and they (8.2, 9.0 and 9.1) seemed pretty easy to set up.  I can't think of any real "politically correct" reason to shun them, unless you are one of those people who still orders "Freedom Fries" at McDonald's.  I remember I had to run a separate script after the installation (soundconf maybe?) to get the soundcard working, but I had to fool around with Red Hat also.  Both were pretty easy though.  The most brain-dead simple install I have seen is with Knoppix (yes, you can do a "real" hard disk installation with this distribution, despite it's primary selling point as a "live filesystem" CD).

If you don't want to download GB's of iso images, there are many companies that will sell you CD's for cheap.  You don't get a fancy blue or white box, or printed manuals, but you get what you really need,  the CD's.


has a list of vendors for the Debian distribution, most of them also have other distributions as well.  For example, www.linuxcdrs.com has Mandrake 9.2 for $4.99 USD, and Knoppix for $0.99 USD.  That is tough to beat.

-Joe KM1P