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Re: [linrad] RE: bzip2

change .tbz in .tar.bz and it will run

----- Original Message ----- 
From: Leif Asbrink <leif.asbrink@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
To: <linrad@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Sent: Sunday, November 16, 2003 10:44 PM
Subject: [linrad] RE: bzip2

> Hi Stan,
> > I now have   lir01-08.tbz in a location   
> > file/mnt/floppy/lir01-08.tbz
> >
> > I tried to extract and get the following error 
> > message "bzip only supports filenames with extension .bz"
> Seems to me you tried to use the program bzip.
> Linrad is packed with bzip2 and it has to be unpacked with
> bunzip2
> The command:
> bunzip2 lir01-08.tbz
> should create the file lir01-08.tar
> When you unpack the tar file like this:
> tar xvf lir01-08.tar
> you will get a new directory linrad-01.08 like this:
> file/mnt/floppy/linrad-01.08
> and the new version will be in this new directory.
> It is a good idea to copy all the files into your
> runtime linrad directory and run linrad there. When
> the next version is released, you just copy the files of
> linrad-01.09 on top of the files in your run time directory
> and type make to have the new version run with your old 
> parameters (unless some parameter file format is changed)
> 73
> Leif