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[linrad] RE: bzip2

Hi Stan,

> I now have   lir01-08.tbz in a location   
> file/mnt/floppy/lir01-08.tbz
> I tried to extract and get the following error 
> message "bzip only supports filenames with extension .bz"

Seems to me you tried to use the program bzip.

Linrad is packed with bzip2 and it has to be unpacked with

The command:
bunzip2 lir01-08.tbz
should create the file lir01-08.tar

When you unpack the tar file like this:
tar xvf lir01-08.tar
you will get a new directory linrad-01.08 like this:
and the new version will be in this new directory.

It is a good idea to copy all the files into your
runtime linrad directory and run linrad there. When
the next version is released, you just copy the files of
linrad-01.09 on top of the files in your run time directory
and type make to have the new version run with your old 
parameters (unless some parameter file format is changed)