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RE: [linrad] Question about time delay compensation


I possibly was not careful enough when I wrote.  I suggested
that you find the amount of correction in the frequency domain
and that it be applied in an interpolated or upsampled version
of the signal where you only apply the upsampling filter
(again in the time domain) at the correct phase.  The upsampling
filter can and should be dynamic since it can correct for amplitude
and frequency dependent distortions determined in step 1.  My approach
would be to do the interpolation in the time domain as specified
in the papers you list. I cannot get the last paper to load and
since you say it is the most interesting, I would like to get
a copy of it.

Good luck,

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Leif and Robert,

   many thanks for your answers, they helped.
Now I have to decide whether to do that correction in the
frequency domain as suggested by you both, or in the time
domain. For this I have found some interesting papers:
and the most interesting

Now I have to read and digest them  :-)

73  Alberto  I2PHD