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RE: [linrad] PC soundcard alternatives

Possably the simplest, most general way to interface to a
ADC and get the data into a PC is to design one of these
"SOC" (System On a Chip) into your system.


The ADC can connect to the SOC using a fast parallel
interface and the Linux software can then put the
data out over the built-in Ethernet interface.
You could stream the data over a UDP port.

Basically what you do is "end run" the problem of getting
the data into a PC by first getting it into another
smaller computer that can talk on the net.

Some of these SOC Linux systems are very interresting.  I've
seen one built on a SIMM form factor.  The whole system,
CPU, RAM, Ethernet, Serial ports and all was on a little
SIMM strip.  The intended market is to allow people
whole build printers or copy machine to include a WWW
interface for cheap.

--- Le
> 4) Yes. How to move the digital data stream into Linux is something
> I know nothing about. Look for something that can handle a high data
> rate. One receive channel will need 40 bits per data pair at sampling
> rates below 100 kHz or so. The day I can have a board like this I
> will
> want the largest possible bandwidth up to about 1 MHz. That might
> call
> for 32 bits per complex data point so the need could be up to 50
> megabit
> per second. And I absolutely need 2 receive channels minimum!!!

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