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RE:Buying the Linux PC for Linrad use.

Hi Jim and All,

> Leif says that a Pentium III 600 Mhz should be sufficient for Linrad
> for some years to come. 
Not quite. I am saying my old PentiumIII will be sufficient for some
years to come. Cache size, memory speed, videocard speed and 
maybe what chip set is used may be important. There are significant 
differences between what might look like the same computer.
(It is my mistake, should have been 650MHz) 

I have PentiumIII Coppermine
Cache size 256K
CPU speed 650MHz
SDRAM CAS latency 3T
      RAS to CAS delay 2T
      RAS precharge 2T
Chipset Intel 440BX AGPset.
CPU clock 100MHz, clock factor 6.5
Memory 256 MB
Motherboard AX6BC from AOpen
Graphics SiS 6326 AGP

Anything equivalent to the above or better should be fine
for normal usage with Linrad if you set it op properly.

To what extent cache size can be traded for clock frequency
and whether a fast Celeron would do is unknown to me. I have
tried a 800MHz processor on a very small and cheap motherboard
(CPU made by the board manufacturer, do not remember details)
but is was far from fast enough.

There is a risk here, Computers are sold by MHz - but that is 
not the full story;)


Leif  /  SM5BSZ