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RE:New Linrad e-mail list user

Hi Ramiro,

> I have just joined to this list. Only to tell you that I have installed
> again susccessfully Linrad version 56 on my second computer, and old 486.
> This computer was tested some time ago with  36version with good 
> results in SSB bandwith for EME.
Very interesting. I tried myself to install on a 486, but I was
not able to get Linux running.

I would be very interested in a comparison between Linrad00-56
and Linrad-01.xx. The main receive loop is different, timing
is under tighter control and I am very interested to know if
the 01-xx series will run on a 486. On a fast computer the
cpu is somewhat more loaded but maybe (hopefully) a slower
computer will not suffer much. On the other hand the processing
delay might be significantly shorter which might not be important
for EME, but I am curious anyway. 


Leif / SM5BSZ