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RE: [linrad] Linrad use on 160 meters

Hi All,

>  The automatic carrier adjust for SSB is not in 
> > place, it is low on the priority list.
> Automatic carrier adjust? Is to to imply that it is possible
> to properly tune SSB automatically rather then by ear?
Yes. (If you can do it by ear, be sure the computer 
can also do it....)

> That would be nice. I was wondering how SSB could be
> tuned with point and click tuning. I suspect that currently
> you would have to make a guess and click on the desired signal
> and keep clicking util it sounds right...?
You click on it once. Usually it is good enough, but you may
click a few more times - or move the BFO. You want to click
for the power spectrum to match your filter. The bandwidth 
may be slightly different for different stations and you may
adjust if there is any reason, then move the BFO accordingly.

> I would also like to see the individual dots and dashes on screen 
> as I copy
> normal 15 WPM CW off the moon, in case my brain crashes and I did not
> copy something that I should have been able to. I have noticed that with
> programs like Spectran, it is possible to read CW off the screen when
> CW copy is only moderately strong (I.E. stations similar in 
> signal strength
> to my own 4 yagi signal). It would be nice to be able to do this without 
> using a second computer looking at station audio.
The idea is to present the CW in ascii format - but this part is
on qrx as so many other things....


Leif  /  SM5BSZ