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Re: Fwd: [linrad] QEX Sept/Oct 2003

    Hello All,

    Just received the new issue of QEX with among other articles, the 4th in the series
    "New Possibilities for the Communications Experimenter." by SM5BSZ.

     This article in particular is a very detailed  hands-on applications article for 
     a common IC-706, just using Linrad and the receiver without any additional hardware
     requirements for weak signals on 40 meters, a rough environment!

     It answers many of the open questions about Linrad on HF, Linrad on ssb and how to set-up
     the parameters,

     I strongly suggest to those with "dormant" Linrad software on PC's to view this fine article.

.    QEX is a publication by the ARRL 
     The article in question and the others are available on the internet ( 1,2, and 3 are on the
     SM5BSZ and ARRL web pages. I suppose (4) will follow soon.

     For more info on Linrad, use "LINRAD" on http://www.google.com 

     73 Rein W6/PA0ZN