The insertion loss of DUT4 on 1296 measured with SDR-IP mixers and HP generators.
(March 10 2013)

The second image is a continuation of the first one.
Observed signal levels:

 none         DUT4        Diff
115.3192    115.2699     0.0493
115.3161    115.2634     0.0527   0.0462
115.3138    115.2622     0.0516   0.0504
115.3138                          0.0516

There is a systematic drift with
time. Compute average of differences.


 Standard deviation of individual difference
 Standard deviation of average difference, IL, 0.0012 dB

Errors are estimated from far too few data points so
the error estimation for this particular measurement is 
very uncertain.
There are many measurements in this series so the statistics
of all the errors estimates will give a good idea about errors.