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Re: [linrad] RE: USB peripheral Radio

The chip would presumably be initialized and then be left to produce data without further interruption. It would need some sort of interface/data buffer for a parallel port as you say. I suspect whatever the interface, some sort of electronics will be required between the IF chip and the PC. There is a fair bit of software to do in the PC also. I am not currently skilled enough in programming to do this sort of task, but I could do the PCB design and design a microcontroller interface, which would do the IF chip setup. I am about to embark on a post graduate IT course (my day job is medical!) - in time I might learn enough about the programming as well.


Leif Åsbrink wrote:


How difficult would it be to adapt Linrad to such a device? (ie control software with digital data input rather than analog)
Any ideas?

It is probably extremely easy.
Linrad already has a mode with digital input. It is the network mode:-)

The problem will be to write the control routines for the digital
decimation chip that samples down to a rate that the PC can handle
and maybe there could be problems using USB, firewire or ethernet
drive routines. Using the parallel port would be trivial if the
hardware has a buffer that can hold enough data in a FIFO. One could
use some control pin to tell the hardware that Linrad wants to read
how many data words the buffer currently holds and then just read
from the parallel port. I think I can interleave such read statements
in the fft code in a way that will be compatible to the hardware capabilities. It would of course be much better to use an interrupt driven device driver - but that would be beyond my programming skills.