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RE: [linrad] A/D speed error?

Hi Jacob,

> now I'm using two soundcards: first, a Creative Live 5.1 for 
> input, second, a onboard sound "CM8738" for output.
> The first is set to 48000 Hz sampling rate, and the 
> second is set to 6000 Hz.
Seems fine.

> When I'm going to setup Linrad, in last parameters window, 
> I see that Linrad gives a WARNING about the different 
> sampling rate of the two soundcards.
> This message is an error or not?
This is no error because your hardware does indeed support
different speeds.

Some old soundcards look to the application program as if they
were full duplex with separate input and output speed but in
reality they always use the same speed for both input and output.
Linrad sets the input speed first. If the output speed is set to
something else on such a board, the input will change and Linrad
will not know about it with various errors as a consequence.
That is why there is a warning. 

> And, when I run Linrad, I see on the screen this:
> A/D speed error.
This should not happen. Something is wrong. Probably something
steals cpu time so the sound card driver looses data occasionally.
Maybe Linrad is swapping to disk because you try to use more
memory than you actually have. Try memlock, you may change the 
parameter in par_userint with a text editor.


Leif  /  SM5BSZ