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Re: [linrad] delta 44

The real question is if there are drivers for it compatible with Linux, either OSS, pay as you go, or ALSA for free.

You also have to be very careful of the manufacturers advertisements vs. their actual performance

The Creative Labs Audigy2 NX (model SB0300) uses USB V2.0 for the fastest thruput and at least
2 channels on in and out at 24 bits and 192 KHz sampling, but NO linux drivers.
It is just tooooo new.

Stan, WA1ECF

Jeffrey Pawlan wrote:

Has anyone tested a USB sound system with linux and linrad? The company that
makes the delta 44 also sells one for USB. If it works and IF it has the sample
rate, then since it is outside of the computer case and bus it should be lower
noise than a PCI card.