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Re: [linrad] Help Sound Blaster

Jolite wrote:
after mni attenpt I was be able to install Linrad on my computer. :
Celeron 600
Matrox Mistique
Mandrake 9.1
Now I have setup problem.
Where i can "

Disable direct connection from to input to output."

I think in the alsa mixer but there not see command.

Someone can help me ?

ic8fax Jacob in Capri

right click on the loud speaker symbol in the bottom right hand side, in Gnome its on the gnome panel, not sure on KDE.
Alsa has moved on a long way since what was distobuted with MDk 9.1.
I suggest you upgrade to MDK 10.0 Official release. Linrad works with that OK. DO NOT use Mandrake 10.0 Community or 10.1 cooker.

Richard g8jvm