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[linrad] Improved Alsa support for the Delta 44 card announced in Linrad 1.21

Hi All,
As of Linread release 01.21, Leif will include a modified setad.c routine that will provide a better support for the Delta 44 card under Alsa.
When selecting the option U in the main menu,  Linrad 01.21  will then :
1. Display correctly the dsp corresponding to the Delta44 card without issuing the error message
        Internal error 1040 (errno=22)
        routine: set analog_io  file:setad.c
        Call to ioctl failed (SNDCTL_ DSP_SPEED)
2. Set the the  sampling speed for the Delta44 to 96000.
During a test run  of 12 hours, with  alsa 1.0.4, a  Delta44 card as input and a PCI128 card  as ouput,  Linrad performed extremely well, without any overruns .
Linrad was running in single user mode ( init 1) to avoid any potential interferences from other  alsa processes running in init 5 mode.
The Delta 44 card was configured as dual channel in I/Q mode.
The description of  the hardware and software configuration of the Linux setup can be found in the Linrad User Data Bank at http://www.nitehawk.com/linrad_dat/on5gn_lr_d.html.
Do not hesitate to contact me for additional information.
Answers to questions will also be published as howto's in the Linrad User Data Bank .
Have fun with Linrad and best 73,
Pierre / ON5GN