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Re: [linrad] svgalib_helper.o problem

David Anderson GM4JJJ wrote:
Thanks Richard, unfortunately when I try modprobe svgalib_helper.o I get
FATAL:Module svgalib_helper.o not found.

try modprobe svgalib_helper  without the .o
I am in the svgalib_helper directory and the file is there.

I am root when I try this.

Any further ideas?



On 13 Jun 2004, at 8:16 pm, Richard wrote:

David Anderson GM4JJJ wrote:

Recently I installed a fresh copy of Fedora Core 2, to replace my previous RedHat 7.
Today I came to install Linrad again. I downloaded svgalib-1.9.19 and installed it.
When I try:
insmod svgalib_helper.o
I get:
insmod: error inserting 'svgalib_helper.o': -1 Invalid module format
Any ideas?
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I think you will find that the modules are now compressed in a different format.
try modprobe svgalib_helper

Richard G8JVM

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