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[linrad] The Bt878a is going higher

Iím still playing with the Bt878 ADC and Linrad but is hard to make them talk together.
Just let you know that Iíve successfully digitalized up to 896000 Samples per second.
You can read the method here: http://www.domenech.org/bt878a-adc/index-decimator-e.htm
Iíve started doing some homebrew SDR just plugging a long cable in the ADC input and doing a spectrogram (without LNA, without filters).
You can see the whole LF here (3 MByte graphic file): http://www.domenech.org/homebrew-sdr/spectrogram-lf.htm
Iím still far away from ear something thru my speakers but this is very instructive.
Your comments are welcome!

Juan Domenech