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RE: [linrad] Lynx Two


This is fantastic.  I have been almost paying attention (sorry,
very busy).  Are you using the OSS driver?


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Hi all,

I have been doing some experiments with the Lynx Two card.
It should be 10 dB better than the Delta 44, but it is 7 dB
better than the modified board I use.

Lynx Two needs more voltage than AD797 can supply from +/- 12 volts
so another 3 dB is lost because the RX2500 is not designed for
such high levels.

The ramaining 4 dB advantage is obtained when a 4 dB attenuator
is put at the RX2500 input to preserve the noise figure at
the antenna input.

Here are some more details:

Linrad-01.20 will support two /dev/dsp files for input simultaneously
so the Lynx Two (A model) can be used for two RF channels.

I am waiting for the bug report (par files) to find the reason
for the segmentation fault crasches that have been reported
before uploading the new version.

Lynx Two is expensive, but with appropriate mods in hardware and
software I think some interesting consequences of more bandwidth
will become evident. (Static rain for example)


Leif / SM5BSZ