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[linrad] SVGALIB and RAGE ATI Graphic Cards :-(

Hi Leif and all,

After checking all again today I saw that when starting VGATEST, I get the 
message at the end: Segmentation Fault. This made me searching through all 
the mailing list archives of Matan Ziv-Av, where I learned:

* This error is well known
* This error has never been cured
* Buy a different graphics card, if you want to use SVGALIB

But what is a good graphic card, that SIMPLY WORKS ?? And that works too with 
Xfree as good as the RAGE ATI AGP I have ??

By the way my workhorse is a "robust" 800 MHz PIII

and now ... ???

Gruss, Greetings, 

73 de Christoph Petermann

Christoph Petermann DF9CY | http://www.df9cy.de

* 144 MHz EME : 1*DK7ZB 9ele 15° elevation 350W (WSJT) / 550W (CW)
* 1296 MHz and up : Operator at DL0SHF
* Magic Band 50 MHz
* Astrophotography