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AW: [linrad] Linrad on Pentium Pro?

Koellner Guenter wrote:

Hello Joe,

you are answering my question!

Which processor, later than the Pentium-Pro, does then have the MMX instructions? Pentium-II for example?

My current situation is that I have several "scrap" computers of which I want to sell a few for cheap money and I do want to hold the one which is most useful for Linrad. So I think my Pentium-MMX 166 is much better to hold it.

Thanks a lot,


The Pentium II and higher all have MMX instructions. I am not sure what the best alternative is for you ... I like the Pentium Pro for mostly emotional reasons. I can remember dreaming of one when they first became available in the mid 1990's. Now I have one at home with _dual_ Pentium Pro's. This system cost about 5500 USD in 1997, but now maybe would get 55 USD on eBay today!
I run the system to process output from a Kenwood TS-850 ... and a Pentium Pro running at 200 MHz does not work hard processing it with linrad ... I think around 10 or 20 percent processor utilization. I don't think the MMX instructions are all that important unless you will be running wider bandwidths than 20 kHz.

So for Linrad it will be hard to make a bad choice of "scrap" computer. Choose the quietest one!

-Joe KM1P