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Re: [linrad] SVGALIB 1.9.18 Compiled but does not start

Hello Chris,

Leif's suggestion will work.

an alternative detailed method:

look to find where the svgalib_helper file is:

find / |grep -i svgalib_helper.o

This found 2 addresses in my file system.

Then use insmod (similar to modprobe) to connect it:

/sbin/insmod < to either of the files found. >

Using this method requires me to insmod the file every time I restart suse 9.0

Any idea what the permanent solution is ?

Stan, WA1ECF

Christoph Petermann wrote:

Hi Leif and all,

I followed your advice and deleted the old SVGALIB. Reading the messages above, it was no problem to get the new svgalib 1.9.18 compiled and installed. But whatever I do now, vgatest or linrad do not find /dev/svga even it is there and the permissions look OK.
I get something like this

....... # ./vgatest
svgalib: Cannot open /dev/svga
Is svgalib_helper module loaded?

Reading all the 0-Readme's did not make me much more 'clever'