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[linrad] SVGALIB 1.9.18 Compiled but does not start

Hi Leif and all,

I followed your advice and deleted the old SVGALIB. Reading the messages 
above, it was no problem to get the  new svgalib 1.9.18 compiled and 
installed. But whatever I do now, vgatest or linrad do not find /dev/svga 
even it is there and the permissions look OK. 

I get something like this

....... # ./vgatest
svgalib: Cannot open /dev/svga
Is svgalib_helper module loaded?

Reading all the 0-Readme's did not make me much more 'clever'


Gruss, Greetings, 

73 de Christoph Petermann

Christoph Petermann DF9CY | http://www.df9cy.de

* 144 MHz EME : 1*DK7ZB 9ele 15° elevation 350W (WSJT) / 550W (CW)
* 1296 MHz and up : Operator at DL0SHF
* Magic Band 50 MHz
* Astrophotography