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RE: [linrad] Better Soundcard?

Let me hasten to add that the cheaper L22 is $800.
The Windows driver is okay and uses ASIO 2.0 but the
support for DirectX and MME is not great.  For Linux,
it is OSS for forget it.  They have an OS/X (Mac) driver
but I have not tested it.


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I own one and it is without a doubt, the very best sound
car you can own.  I have tested about $3000 in cards in
addition to the Lynx for my SDR work.  The Lynx L22, and
Two (the L22 is probably okay for your needs) have the lowest
noise floor, the largest dynamic range, the lowest IMD, the
best total harmonic distortion, the flattest response of ANY
card tested.  It will significantly outperform the Delta 44.
The noise floor is 3 dB better than the next best card which
comes from a very surprising source.

There is NO card I have tested that is worse than onboard
sound cards, save one:  the SB Live.  It is absolutely the
worst.  Noise floor of -40 dB!!!  That said, it is surprising
that the Creative E-Mu 1212B is the second best card tested
here.  It supports ASIO 2.0, MME, and DirectX.  It is also
a lot less expensive than the Lynx L22.  Unfortunately, there
is not yet any OSS or other Linux support.  Creative has
a pretty decent track record of encouraging or even supplying
support for their cards so we will have to wait and see.