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Re: [linrad] WSE RX2500 Tx control?

Hello Stan,

In TX mode, all RX lines should be isolated with a mechanical relay, as you suggest. Or with a PIN diode (relay) as Leif suggests.
Also consider using a quality double shielded coaxial cable as jumpers, between the LINRAD hardware boxes, such as RG-223.

Stan, WA1ECF Cape Cod

Stanka1ze@xxxxxxx wrote:

I never had a system that would allow for fast break in. I have been concerned with sequencing so as not to smoke anything. I also don't think I could mentally concentrate on sending CW and tweaking the ant for au! Well done, Leif.

I think I will switch out the 144-70 converter with a BNC relay during SSB Tx.

73, Stan, KA1ZE