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Re:[linrad] Linrad HW

Hi Josh.
I use an kit (look at http://www.expandedspectrumsystems.com/prod2.html ) on Hf.
For 2mt i use a transverter 144/28 before Time Machine.
It is a good start poit.

73 de Ermanno / ik7ezn

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Date      : Wed, 14 Apr 2004 15:27:40 -0700 (PDT)
Subject : [linrad] Linrad HW

> Hardware for linrad.  That has defintally been a discussion point on this
> list but there still is not any good designs that I have seen.
> I do not have the knowledge to lead this, but would be a very willing
> partisipant in building some simple hardware for linrad.
> Initally is someone will to lead a project that will be usable to receive
> CW, SSB, and AM signals, using a SB Live or similar card.  Possibly even
> only 1 channel and therefor only 1/2 the available BW of the sound card.
> The idea behind this is simple, and possibly as building blocks for
> something more complex.
> As an example.  I have a PTS 160 (signal generator) that is split to two
> TUF-1 mixers by a coax T.  I then have a G5RV jr antenna (with antenna
> tunner) that I use a second coax T to feed the RF side of the mixers.  I
> then take the IF output and feed that to a sound card.  I have a unknown
> length of coax between the to LO ports, ideally this would be 1/4
> wavelength, but I can't terminate coax to get this on the different bands.
> I can decode STRONG CW, but that is about it.  I have two signals on the
> screen for every real signal (one on each side of center line).  SO it is
> not working well.
> I would like to build something that would better feed the soundcard.  I
> would like it to work up to 2M, but am willing to start with something
> that is just HF for the first rev, if the larger frequency range would
> make the hardware too complex.
> Anyone willing to shard thair hardware desigs and help lead some hardware
> building?
> 						Later, JOSH