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Re: [linrad] Trolltech/Qt

OK - I didnt get to the point of downloading
Well back to the drawing board...


Robert McGwier wrote:

The Trolltech/Qt embedded version is not free and may not be
distributed. Only Qt/X11 run on Linux is free.

This is all reasonably clear if you actually read the licenses
when you download and install the code.


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Hi Richard and all,

Trolltech/Qt has an embedded version which is designed to run on cut down embedded Linux Platforms. This does not
use the X graphics server but rather uses direct graphics routines similar to svgalib.
To the programming experts - Could Linrad be easily adapted to use these?

I do not know what it would take to have Trolltech/Qt routines
linked into Linrad instead of the svgalib package. Once the routines are in place it should not be difficult at all
to change Linrad so it will use them rather than the svgalib package.

If and when I get up to speed I would be willing to do some work on this. However it may well be a gigantic task.

Have a look at vgatest. Are you able to convert this program to Trolltech/Qt? Then there is a need for mousetest as well.
If this conversion can be done and if Trolltech/Qt will be an improvement, converting Linrad should not be difficult.