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RE: [linrad] Out of memory errors

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Hello Leif,
Thanks for your answer and sorry about the curt email.
I was using an x-console which does use a lot of memory. I then tried running Linrad from runlevel 3. Still did not work and received the same error message. Linux reported 217 Mbytes free and I have a 128 Mbyte swap space. So there should be plenty of memory.
Any further suggestions would be appreciated.
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Hello Henry, 

The call to mlockall() fails to lock the RAM area used by Linrad.
Maybe your RAM is reserved for a large RAM disk or there is
some other program running. Are you perhaps running in a console
under X?
The calls to mlockall() were added recently because I have had
reports indicating that some Linrad users run Linrad off the hard disk
(swapped by Linux) The behaviour is a bit unpredictable...........
Linrad does not need much computing resources. I uploaded a screen
dump today after verifying Linrad-00.15 on a Pentium 133 MHz. The
image shows seven hours of (simulated) VLF waterfall at a FFT bin
width of about 0.005 Hz. The soundcard was sampling at 22050 kHz
which is much higher than typically needed. Yet the CPU load was below
50% and about 5 megabytes of ram was used.
So, Henry, I am pretty sure your computer hass the memory needed,
but I do not know why Linrad is denied to lock it. Unless someone else
gives the explanation, please give more details.

I'm getting "out of memory" errors with Linrad 1-.15 regardless of the parameter settings. Any suggestions?

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