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[linrad] Audio Setup

I am using Delta 44 fot input  and Turtle Beach for output with OSS and RX2500 for reciever.
I am having trouble getting audio output. OSSTEST is working great. What do I select for input and output in LINRAD? What should each ossmix look like when set properly? My choices are as follows:
/dev/dsp0  Delta44 out 1/2 (adapter0 ch0)
/dev/dsp1  Delta44 out 3/4 (adapter0 ch2)
/dev/dsp2  Delta44 in  1/2 (adapter0 ch10)
/dev/dsp3  Delta44 in  3/4 (adapter0 ch12)
/dev/dsp4  Delta44 in mono mixer (adapter0 ch20)
/dev/dsp5  Delta44 all out (adapter0 ch0)
/dev/dsp6  Delta44 all in (adapter0 ch10)
/dev/dsp7  Turtle Beach (duplex adapter1)
/dev/dsp8  Turtle Beach (playback only adapter1)
/dev/dsp9  Onboard audio (duplex adapter2)
/dev/dsp10 Onboard audio (shadow duplex adapter2)
/dev/dsp11 OSS virtual mixer (playback A3 ch0)
/dev/dsp12 OSS virtual mixer (playback A3 ch1)
/dev/dsp13 OSS virtual mixer (playback A3 ch2)
/dev/dsp14 OSS virtual mixer (playback A3 ch3)
I think i am finally getting close hihi!
Thankyou Stan, KA1ZE