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RE: [linrad] Progress: SUSE 9 and LINRAD

Hello Stan,

> make                                       also lots of activity, then 
> finally
> make:  *** [vgatest]  error 1
> any suggestion on what to do next  ?   How do I diagnose this error  ?

I added mousetest and vgatest from the svgalib package.
These programs are not needed for Linrad, they are just
two very simple programs that allow easy testing of the
mouse and graphics.

The error is probably that some variable in vgatest has a
variable name that is declared as a global variable in the
header files of the SUSE 9 pro GCC package. It is not really 
error, but I have chosen to have the compiler running in a 
way that minimizes the risk for me doing stupid mistakes.....

The lines just before the the last line should contain
information about what variable that causes problems.
Please send me the information, typically 5 lines, so
I can change vgatest for the next version of Linrad.

After sending me the information, remove mousetest and
vgatest from Makefile as Josh, KD7HGL wrote in his posting.

Please note that the old Make file will be restored if you
run ./configure

To make a permanent change, remove vgatest and mousetest from
Makefile.in, then run ./configure and finally make.

But first of all, give me the info so Linrad-01.16 will have
a better chance to work on "all" distributions.


Leif  /  SM5BSZ