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[linrad] N2PK VNA, Vector Network Analyzer, PCBs available in Europe

Some of the addressees have already received the N2PK
VNA, Vector Network Analyzer, announce message some
time ago. N2PK VNA is the very important test
equipment that each serious homebrewer must own. 
To know more about the N2PK VNA visit the followings:

The original website URL is:
The new, mirrored, website at:

This mail is to inform we have available in Europe the
VNA printed circuit board (double face) and the Bridge
Pcb. No PSU board has been developed as one may decide
a different solution.
The two boards kit has been manufactured in Italy and
it is available at the following quantities and
prices. The cost includes shipping via registered

1x =  25  Euro
2x =  40  Euro
4x =  70  Euro
5x =  80  Euro

Higher quantities, for group purchase, can be quoted
on request.

To facilitate the purchase of VNA PCB Kit and keep
cost down, I was asked to manage the orders. This will
remove some work from the manufacturer (and add it on
me … no problems (I hope) as I am retiring) and make a
purchase easier.
The order procedure is as follows:

Send an e-mail request to: i7swx@xxxxxxxxxx stating
the quantity and price. 
Higher quantities can be requested for quote to same
e-mail address.
I will confirm reception. 

The purchase amount, in Euro, can be sent to me in two

1) “International Money Order”, from outside Italy, a
“Vaglia Postale”, from Italy, addressed as below. This
way has high postal charges.

2) Paper Cash note(s) in Euro, inserted inside an
enveloped between two QSL cards or similar not opaque
paper. Sender name and address also reported. The
envelope can be sent via Priority or Registered Mail.

Registered mail has no reimbursement in case of loss,
unless insured or if I did spent the money…

Once the money is received, the manufacturer will mail
the kit via registered mail.

I have been handling in a similar way the purchase of
the I7SWX 2T H-Mode Mixer PCBs. I received and still
receive money, using way 2), and LZ1OV ships from
Bulgaria the PCBs. Till now we have been handling over
40 orders and we lost no money. We only lost one
complete assembled mixer board, with registered mail.
In a few words, the buyer has to decide which way to
choose to send the money. Certainly, 2) does not carry
any “guarantee” regarding “transport (the post)” and
“reception (me)”.

Please address payment to:

Giancarlo Moda, I7SWX
Via Azzone Mariano 24
e-mail: i7swx@xxxxxxxxx

Regarding the purchase of components is something more
“on your own”, at least for the moment.
In Italy we have RF Elettronica that has many of the
VNA components in their catalogue:

R.F. Elettronica di Rota Franco
Via Dante 5
20030 SENAGO – MI
Tel: +39 02 99487515, Fax: +39 02 99489276
email: rf.elettronica@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Regarding the Master xtal oscillator, at 148.344 MHz,
we have two possibilities: one is to purchase the Xtal
itself  from International Crystal.

International Crystal Manufacturing
10 North Lee Street • Oklahoma City, OK 73102
Toll Free Phone (USA): 1-800-725-1426
Toll Free Fax (USA): 1-800-322-9426
International Phone: +1-405-236-3741
and Fax: +1-405-235-1904
Email: info@xxxxxxxxx

Or, purchase an assembled Master Oscillator from
Valpey Fisher USA. For the Valpey oscillator have to
look at “group purchase”, as the minimum charge per
order is 350$, plus shipment.

Valpey Fisher Corporation
75 South Street
Hopkinton, MA 01748-2204 USA
Phone +1 508.435.6831 
FAX  +1 508.435.5289 

The description is: VFAC570BH-148.344MHz, their part
number 003110. Original order credited to Rep ID 07,
if that might help. Delivery 6-8 weeks aro. 

Alternative Master Oscillator Manufacturer:
I have contacted a European manufacturer, selling also
products to amateur radio, to see if there is a
possibility to produce an equivalent Master Oscillator
(with low phase noise) to the Valpey Fisher. At the
moment I have no reply. I will send a mail as soon as
I will receive a quote.
I can send the Master Oscillator specs if other local
European source is available




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