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Re: [linrad] Pointer needed SUSE 9.0 pro

Latest info:

SUSE V9.0 does not support serial ATA hardrives in their automated installation, nor is there any plan to include this feature..

contracted support (extra $$$) is available from SUSE to achieve the use of SATA harddrives.

Manual installation is possible after loading the specific SATA modules ( drivers, packages).

Suse V9.0 does not have the provisions to monitor every step (single step) on the installation.

Stan, WA1ECF Cape Cod, FN41sr

Stan wrote:

Hello the net,

I finally got the new computer assembled and working, the bad power supply slowed me down.

The new computer is a 2.4 G pentium 4 with HT, 800 Mhz FSB, 512 M RAM per channel
Intel D865PERL motherboard and a 120G serial ATA hardrive, SATA

I have on hand KNOPPIX V3.3 on a CD and I also have SUSE 9.0 pro.

The KNOPPIX loads (mostly) fine onto a RAMDISK and I am figuring how to get it onto the hard disk.
KNOPPIX does not properly auto recognize the AC'97 sound card , but I have a soundblaster PCI card I will try.
I know that I will have to add the ALSA drivers for the DELTA 44 card.

SUSE stalls on loading without an error message, just hangs up. (locks up)
last line on the screen is: hde: attached ide-disk driver
hde is the SATA hard disk which was previously partitioned and formatted in FAT32
can not get to YAST.

1. is there any way I can single step the installation ? The pause key has no effect.
2. Any known problems with SUSE and SATA hard drives ?

I am slowly creeping up the learning curve.

Stan, WA1ECF