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[linrad] Linrad-01.15

Hi all,

The AFC in Linrad should typically be operated at a 
very small bandwidth. 0.5 to 3 Hz typically. 

In case you operate the AFC at a bandwidth of 35 Hz,
the AFC graph will be updatec at a rate of about 35 Hz.
This should be perfectly ok if you look for really
unstable signals that are strong enough to be visible
in such a large bandwidth, but due to a bug in previous
versions of Linrad, some particular sizes of the AFC 
graph forces the entire graph to be redrawn each time
the latest few points have been updated. At 35 Hz this
will use up all the CPU time and cause overrun errors.

In Linrad-01.15 the bug is corrected. The AFC graph
update rate is also limited to 10 Hz, it is not meaningful 
to show more information to the user.

Graziano, IK3MAC was helpful and sent me the parameter files
that caused problems on his system so I could find this


Leif / SM5BSZ