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[linrad] Mandrake 9.2. Help with configure

Hi All,

Linrad is in many ways very primitive. (It is sophisitcated
in other ways). I am not a computer specialist - I do not
know much about modern computing and I do not know much
about how Linux is structured or how to use it "properly"

Richard Hosking wrote:

> I have tried various options and got the libraries libvgagl.so.1 and 
> libvga.so.1 into /usr/lib/  by copying them directly. I gather this is 
> not sufficient, however, and I cant get the full package to compile.
As far as I know this should be sufficient - but sometimes (for reasons
I know nothing about) gcc wants the files in /usr/local/lib and I have
no idea where these things are defined.

If there is someone on this list who knows how to modify the
Linrad configure script to solve all related problems, 
newcomers would find it much easier to get Linrad running.

The configure script could locate libvga.so.1 or libvga.so.1.3 
or whatever the system makes available and produce a Makefile 
that fits the installed system. It should be easy for someone 
who knows how these things work. To me it is hopelessly 

Richard, have you tried the Linrad configure and make? 
What are the error messages? 

> When I rpm linrad, it says it doesnt see these files
> Oh well - guess I will go and spend my money.
I do not know how rpm works. I am afraid it is not a safe
way to move a program between systems with different compilers
and different kernels. Try the Linrad.tbz file and see what happens.
Maybe your svgalib installation has been fine all the time?
You may have to install nasm though. It seems to me that the people
behind nasm are extremely careful. Use the tar.gz archive and 
run configure, then make. In my experience it never fails.
(Finally copy nasm to /usr/bin)


Leif  /  SM5BSZ