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Re: [linrad] Linrad and Mandrake 9.2

Thanks for your reply.
I have downloaded various options including the source and several rpm's without success. I got to the point where I had unpacked the tgz -> tar file in /usr/local/src/svgalib-1.4.3 and ran make install as root in a terminal. I ended up with errors - various files "do not have a valid preprocessing token" and make exits with errors 1 and 2
The install appears to remove any previous versions as part of the makefile . I cant work out out to copy the log from the terminal (I can select it but not copy) but I can work on this and post it if you are able to help.
I would be happy to consider payment for an rpm if it is supporting the Linux community. Is Mandrakesoft a commercial entity?
Also I am not sure if the rpm will work in any case.
Having said that Mandrake 9.2 appears to be the best distro for newbies yet...


Joe Fitzgerald wrote:

Hi Richard

Welcome to Linux! If you are willing to go through the adventure of learning linux in some detail you can certainly get svgalib up and running under Mandrake 9.2. A little over a year ago I got it running under Mandrake 9.0 I doubt it has changed much since then. I did not have to monkey with the kernel at all.

Get the source code from http://svgalib.org/ and untar it. then use make install to get it on your machine.

This sounds easy, but there will likely be some stumbling blocks for the newbie, and there could be several hours of learning involved. If you are ready for the adventure, by all means go for it. Once you know how to build stuff from source it opens up a lot of avenues. You are not left stuck waiting for someone to come up with an rpm for your distribution.
On the other hand, if your are in a hurry, $60 is not much to pay to contribute to the Linux cause.

-Joe KM1P