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Re: [linrad] OFFTOPIC: C compilers and libraries?

Well, if you are forced to work in an MS Windows enviroment you
can get "cygwin" for free.  Read about it here

Then go here and get it
and get it by clicking the "install now" icon

What you really should be doing is asking about how to get a copy
Linux or BSD UNIX on your PC.  But cygwin will get you most of
what is included with Linux/UNIX.  After installing the basic
system you can them go back and get compiles (C and others) plus
X11 server and 100's of other packages.

--- Conrad G0RUZ <conrad@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Hello.
> I am just tentatively taking my first steps into programming at
> University
> and as is traditional we are starting with C. We use Microsoft Visual
> Studio
> V6 at University which seems quite good to me having had no
> experience of
> anything else. As I am not resident at University and commute each
> day so I
> don't find it particularly easy to get computer time. What I really
> need is
> something for at home that will run in a windows environment.
> I believe that there are plenty of free compilers out there, and that
> there
> are quite a few programmers on here; so what do you recommend.
> Of course if someone wanted to help a poor student obtain a copy of
> Visual
> Studio cheaply that would be even better. It is advantageous for me
> to use
> the same software as the University has elected to use for obvious
> reasons.
> Regards
> Conrad G0RUZ

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